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Pantorium Cleaners has been servicing the Aberdeen community since 1932. While there is little known about the early owners, we do know that in 1975 it was purchased by Jim Bird. It was located at 212 N Main St. where it remained until 1982, when it was relocated to its present location at 16 N Main. In May 2010 it was purchased by an employee of 18 years Mi Bain and her husband Dale. Jim Bird remains in close contact and consultants with the new operators.

Pantorium currently has a staff of 8 employees with a combined 100+ years of experience in the laundry & dry cleaning industries. They are dedicated to providing the best customer experience, and care for each garment as if was their own.

Our cleaning plant has the latest equipment. We have two dry-cleaning machines in our plant one for color clothes and the other for white garments. This eliminates the possibility of dye bleeding during the cleaning process.

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